Governance Portal
OGN holders are encouraged to participate in creating and voting on proposals that impact the protocol in the OGN governance portal. Anyone with at least 1,000 OGN in their wallet or staked in our OGN Staking contract can create a new proposal using Snapshot. All OGN holders are able to vote for proposals. Our desire is for our community to have a strong impact on the direction of Origin’s products, open-source codebase, and to have a voice in key business decisions and the overall direction of the project.
OGN holders can also delegate votes to another account.
Progressive Decentralization
OUSD is designed to be a decentralized protocol governed by many stakeholders all over the world. We believe that the holders of OUSD should collectively determine important protocol decisions as soon as possible.
That being said, in the very early days, it is imperative that the core engineering team can act quickly and decisively to build the foundational parts of the protocol.
Decentralization will progress across four phases rapidly over the next few months. It is our intent to relinquish control and governance to the community as soon as possible.
Prior to full decentralized governance, we will implement a timelock in front of all admin function calls, giving OUSD users time to withdraw their funds if they have objections to our proposed upgrades.
New and Existing Stakeholders
OUSD is a new project founded by Origin Protocol team and will be supported by the existing Origin community as well as many new stakeholders that choose to mint, hold, use, and provide liquidity for OUSD.
In addition, we also want to ensure high participation from our existing Origin Token (OGN) holders and the millions of people in our community. Existing OGN holders are able to stake their OGN to participate in governance and earn incentives for driving value to OUSD.
The strong connection between OUSD and the rest of the Origin commerce platform will fuel growth in both initiatives.
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