Getting Started

These docs are intended to explain how OUSD works, communicate the potential risks and benefits, and provide a guide for developers who wish to contribute to our codebase or integrate OUSD into their products. Here are a few ways for you to dive in and get started.
Buying OUSD
The Origin Dollar DApp will intelligently route your transaction to get you the best rate.
The Origin Dollar DApp allows anyone to buy or sell OUSD using a web-3 enabled cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask, Ledger, or Gnosis Safe. This is the native way to get OUSD, especially if you want a large amount that could risk moving the market on other exchanges. The DApp will intelligently decide whether to create or trade-in OUSD tokens using the vault or help you complete the trade on whichever AMM is currently offering the best rate.
Decentralized Exchanges
OUSD is currently available on the following decentralized exchanges. These are listed here for reference only. We recommend using the Origin Dollar DApp to ensure you always get the best rate.
Centralized Exchanges
OUSD is currently available on the following centralized exchanges. Be sure to check on how they are handling the yield that is being generated by the protocol. Depending on the exchange, there may be additional steps you need to take to participate in the yield while it's being held in their custody.
We're continuing to work on making OUSD available on additional centralized exchanges.
Adding OUSD to Your Wallet
The main ERC20 address for Origin Dollar (OUSD) is: 0x2A8e1E676Ec238d8A992307B495b45B3fEAa5e86
If your OUSD does not automatically show up in your wallet, you should be able to add it manually using the address above. If you are planning on storing your OUSD in a multi-sig wallet, be sure to opt-in to receive yield. We want to have OUSD supported by as many wallets as possible and included on all the various lists of well-known tokens. We would greatly appreciate any help you can offer in this area.
Integrating OUSD
OUSD is a non-standard ERC-20 token that requires custom integration work for most applications that wish to support it. In particular, it is important for developers to understand how our elastic supply works as this can easily cause unexpected behavior.
If you are a wallet provider or crypto exchange that is interested in supporting OUSD, please refer to the following guides:
Developer Analytics
Our internal developer dashboard is available at The dashboard shows the current circulating supply, the assets under management in the vault, and the current allocations between each of the stablecoins and strategies.
Getting Help
Please join the Origin Dollar #engineering room in Origin's Discord server. Our team and members of our community look forward to helping you build. Your questions help us improve, so please don't hesitate to ask if you can't find what you are looking for here.